How to Secure a Windows Server( 2003 or 2008)

You  Can follow the Steps in Order to secure your Windows Server In case the Data Is Critical

1) First Of all regularly apply Windows updates whenever updates  are published . You can set updates to to run at a particular time



2)  Block RDP access to all the IPs and only keep your IP to be able to access RDP . You can do this to through IPSec policies. You can set the first rule to allow your IP to access port 3389 and set other rule to deny all the IPs to port 3389 . Make Sure the IP provided to you by your ISP is a Static IP otherwise you will block yourself .

3) Change the RDP port of the server to any other value other than 3389 such as 55057 or any other value hard to guess .

4) Install the Server with latest antivirus and set proper rules .

5) Reboot the server once a month .


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