Difference Between XP and Windows Server

1) XP is a Client OS and Windows Server is Server OS

2) On XP the Webserver that is installed is IIS 5.0 and on Windows Server the Webserver that is installed is IIS 5.0 , IIS 6.0 , IIS 7.0 depending on the version of OS

Above  is the major difference between XP and a Windows Server . Lets talk more on this topic .

IIS 5 when installed on client OS such as XP  or IIS 6.0 installed on Vista or IIS 7.0 installed on Windows 7.0 . These have limits on the number of simultaneous connections and the Services provided as compared to a windows server , Say Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 . For example IIS 5.0 installed on XP have a limit of 10 simultaneous connections . Say if you host a website on XP with IIS 5.0 web server  , Only 10 people around the world would be able to access the website . The 11th user and all the users after that accessing the website will get error .Whereas on a windows Server the number of connections is unlimited .

So XP , Windows Vista or Windows 7 cannot be  used for hosting of websites .

3) Windows XP is typically used by standalone users whereas Windows Server 2003 is a server operating system built to support several users in a network.

4) Active Directory or Exchange 2003 , 2007 , 2010 cannot be installed on windows XP . Active Directory and Exchange 2003 , 2007 , 2010 can be installed on Windows Servers.

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