Difference between Classic mode and Integrated Mode And how to Switch a Website from Classic Mode to Integrated Mode

In classic mode IIS works only with ISAPI extensions and ISAPI filters.IIS 6.0 Works in classic mode where asp.net is an ISAPI extension and filter . In this Mode the server uses two pipelines to handle requests one for native code and other for managed code . Whereas Integrated Pipeline mode consists of unified request processing pipeline that is exposed to both native and managed components known as modules.With integrated mode ASP.NET runs much more efficiently in IIS and will yield greater performance for your site.

You can switch your website or application  from Classic mode to Integrated mode and vice-versa from IIS 7.0 .

Open IIS manager , click on application pools . Right click the application pool of your website click advanced settings and in the Managed pipeline mode select Integrated from the drop-down box.

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