Error: Unable to update hosting preferences: Unable to reconfigure Web server: websrvmng failed: The specified username is invalid. (Error code 2202) at NetUserAdd()

You will  usually get the error while updating the website from webhosting settings option in plesk or sometimes when giving a website a dedicated application pool from plesk or while running the command websrvmng in order to repair a websites permission . While the developers of plesk are still working on the issue at , I could Find a temporary Fix for the issue .Please follow the below steps

First of all change the Main FTP user for the website to something other than the original username , set the password you wish to set . Then goto Computer Management and from local users and group Right click on the new user name which you have set , and set the same password which you have set . Now you can update the website from the webhosting settings or give the website a dedicated application pool or run the websrvmng command .

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