What is NAT

NAT is Network Address Translation that is it maps Private IP addresses (Unregistered IP addresses ) to a Statically defined IP address or Dynamic IP address from a pool of defined IP addresses .

I will explain you with an example . In our Office or in the cyber cafe if we have 10 computers and we get internet connection from an ISP . We decide to  keep our 10 computers  in LAN . Now if we configure all the 10 computers with the IP addresses to which are private IP address , NAT can configured on the router which will map all the private IP addresses to a single Static Public IP address provided  by the ISP . So all the requests going outside will be mapped to public IP and will treated as if it came from the public IP .

In dynamic NAT these private IPs will be mapped to Dynamic IPs from a pool of defined Public IP addresses given by the ISP .



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