Difference between a Compiler and an Interpreter

Once you have written a program you need to type it and instruct the machine to execute it. To type your program you need another program called Editor. Once the program has been typed it needs to be converted to machine language (0s and 1s) before the machine can execute it. To carry out this conversion we need what is called Compiler .

A compiler compiles the whole program into a language understandable to the machine or your computer and an Interpreter converts the program  line by line into a language understandable by the machine or your computer.

Compiler vendors provide an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which consists of an Editor as well as the Compiler.
There are several such IDEs available in the market targeted towards different operating systems. For example, Turbo C, Turbo C++ and Microsoft C are some of the popular compilers that work under MS-DOS; Visual C++ and Borland C++ are the compilers that work under Windows, whereas gcc compiler works under Linux.

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