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Windows Administrator Interview Most Likely Questions

1) Difference Between Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

2) Difference Between Windows 2008 and Windows 2012

3) What are the different types of RAID and differnce between the Types of RAID

4)  Which are the Active Directory FSMO Roles and Explain them

5) What are the Different Types of Quorum in a failover Cluster

6) The reason why BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death ) errors occur and how to troubleshoot the Issue .

7) What are the Different Editions of Windows 2008 OS and Windows 2012 OS

8) How Many VMs can be Created on Windows 2008 Std Edition , Windows 2008 Ent Edition , Windows 2008 Datacenter Edition ( Default Hyper V Virtulisation Case )

9) How Many VMs can be created on Windows 2012 Std Edition , Windows 2012 DC edition ( Default Hyper V Virtulisation Case )

10) Ports Numbers of  http , https , DNS ,  smtp , pop3 , Imap, dhcp , ftp , ldap , Global Catalouge

11) Difference between IIS 6.0 , IIS 7.0 , IIS 8.0

12) IIS 6.0 processing Architecture , IIS 8.0 Processing Architecture

13) Types of DNS zones

14) Types of DNS records

15) What is the path of http.sys file on Windows

16) What is the path of hosts file on Windows

17) What is the path of IIS log files on Windows

18) What is NTDS.dit and the path of NTDS.dit

19) Difference between Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk

20 ) Hyper V hard Disk format and Vmware Hard Disk Format .


Reasons For ( BSOD ) Blue Screen Of Death Errors

At times you will receive an Error with a Blue Screen and a Stop error with an Associated Error Code .  In Such Situation the server keeps on rebooting and there is very little which we can do . Below are the reasons why blue screen of death Errors occur .

BSOD Errors are mainly caused because of Hardware Issues

1)  Installation of Wrong Device Drivers

2) Any hardware issue inside the Server

3) Rebooting the server while Windows updates are being applied on the Server

When a BSOD error Occurs Windows Automatically creates a minidump file which has information about the crash as to why it is crashing .

In order to troubleshoot the issue you can use the Windbg tool to read the minidump file and find out the cause of the issue .


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