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Difference between thin provisioning and thick provisioning

Thin Provisioning and Thick Provisioning are the terms used with storage. Hyper-V Clouds or Vmware clouds use Clustering Technology where assigning Storage is Mandatory.

Now Consider If We assign 1TB Storage Space to a Particular Cluster or a Server , Thin Provisioning will not assign the Entire 1TB Space to the cluster but will assign space on the fly or Dynamically as required by the user which in turn saves the storage space for future use.

Whereas in thick provisioning the Entire 1TB will be assigned to the Server or the cluster

Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2015/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

You will get the above Error while uploading images to your word-press posts . It occurs because you do not have Write Permissions on

“\wp-content\uploads”  folder

In order to fix the issue give write permissions to the uploads folder .

Steps to Restart Symantec Backup Exec Services

Open Symantec Backup Exec GUI , On the Extreme Top Left side corner , click on the arrow of yellow icon , Configuration Settings , Backup Exec Services and Click Restart all Services




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