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Bussiness Manager installtion failes with error: Invalid parameters: default_widget_template


Add binding for the PleskControlPanel site Open IIS->PleskControlPanel->Bindings and add: https 8443 

Command to check Mysql version in Plesk

go to following directory


run the following command

mysql -uadmin -pMYSQL_ADMIN_PASSWORD -V

Unable to access Webadmin tool for MSSQL: Could not load type ‘ASPEnterpriseManager.ConnectionString


Bin folder is missing in the C:\inetpub\vhosts\sqladmin\mssql


  1. Download the mssql-webadmin.msi package from
  2. Repair the mssql-webadmin.msi installation. Run Windows command line as Administrator and launch the command:
    msiexec /fvocmus C:\mssql-webadmin.msi  /L*V "c:\mssql-webadmin.log"

Review c:\mssql-webadmin.log if the installation fails.

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