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Install Symantec Backup Exec 2012 on Windows 2012 Server

Symantec does not support Backup Exec  2012 on Windows 2012 Server . However it supports backup exec agent on windows 2012 Server .

I think Symantec will be releasing its beta version maybe in the start of next year 2014  :)

Shortcut to Open IE or Internet Explorer

Press Windows Key + R  , type iexplore  and press the Enter Key

Enabling Audio over RDP on a Windows Server

On the client side goto start => run => mstsc , click on options , Local Resources tab , Click on Remote Audio Settings , Select Play on this computer , click Ok

Sound on server1

sound on server3

On the server by default the Audio and Video Playback option is disabled . Goto Start => Administrative tools => Remote Desktop Services => Remote desktop Session Host Configuration , goto RDP-Tcp properties , Select client settings tab , Uncheck Audio and Video Playback and Audio recording option as in below image

Sound On Server

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