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How to Install Failover Clustering Role on Windows 2012 Server





In Order to setup a failover Clustering you need to install failover clustering feature on all the servers which would be a part of the cluster . IN order to do so open server Manager , Click Manage , add roles and features , Click Next you will see Installation type , click Next , you will see server selection , click next you will see server roles , click next you will get features , Select the failover Clustering checkbox , click next and click Install .

Enable Multiple RDP Connections on Windows 2012 OS

Login to the server , type gpedit.msc , Expand Computer Configuration ==> Administrative templates ==>Windows Components==>double click remote desktop services ==>double click remote desktop session host==>double click connections==>double click Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services Session  ,  select disabled and click ok .

Double click limit number of connections select enabled and type the number of connections to be enabled . By default a maximum of 2 connection sessions will be enabled .

RDP connection

Remote desktop1



Selecting a Series of Cell in Excel 2013

In Microsoft Office 2013, the feature of selecting a series of cells with incremental values & dragging the cell corner (+ sign) down to complete the rest of the series, is turned off by default.

To enable this, follow the steps mentioned below:

Click File on the main menu.
Click Options.
In the Options dialogue box, click on Advanced option.
Select the check-box which says “Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop”.
The relevant settings are highlighted in the attached image for your better understanding.

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