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Change Windows 2012 Licence Key from Registry

In windows 2012 the license Key Entry is located at the following location


Run the regedit command and goto the following location,


Double Click on productld and Change the licence key .




Install Cpanel in Three Easy Steps


1) [root@centos ~]# cd /home

2)  [root@centos ~]# wget -N

3)  [root@centos ~]# sh latest

Outlook 2007 repeatedly asks for password on Windows Vista

While Doing Send/Receive in Outlook 2007 on windows Vista it repeatedly asks for password for each send/receive . In order to fix the issue You need to have courage to delete a particular folder :)  . So here it goes .

Close Outllook . Goto the path


And delete the folder “Protect ” . Start Outlook and your issue should be fixed . Outlook will also create the folder Protect again.



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