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What is .MSI file

“MSI” stands for “Microsoft Installer.” The extension “.msi” describes a standardized installation system that is now referred to as “Windows Installer,” but the extension name has not been changed.

Windows allows for a wide variety of installer types. The advantage of using its official MSI platform is that it provides a more predictable and reliable method for installing, managing and un-installing Windows programs.

Access is denied. (Error code 5) at Create mutex with name ‘Global\PleskStatisti csBusinessLock’

You will get the error while updating the Statistics on plesk 9.X version . Try the following things to fix the issue

1) Restart all the services in plesk and then try updating the stats

2) Replace the statistics.exe with statistics.exe from and place it in parallels\plesk\admin\bin folder . Now restart the services and update the statistics.exe

3) Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update


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