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Command to Find Default Gateway On Linux Server

To find out the Default Gateway on Linux server run the command.


Cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

How to delete unnamed foder created with ‘alt+0160′

To delete an unnamed folder created with ‘alt+0160′ go to to the MS-DOS prompt . Change the directory to path where the folder is created and execute the command

C:\>ren “” Newname

1) Before Executing the command move the cursor back to the second  double quotes and press ALT+0160 . It will create space within the two double quotes.

2) Now hit the enter Key . The Unnamed folder will be renamed to Newname . Now you can easily delete the renamed folder .

Thats  it .


Command to Create Email account on Exchange 2010 Server.

To create email account in exchange 2010 first you need to create and Organization . After organization is created open power Shell and execute the command

New-Mailbox “Firstname Lastname” -UserPrincipalName -Organization ABOrg

Next you will be prompted to input to the password . Type the password and press Enter.




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