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Remote desktop cannot connect to the remote computer because the authentication certificate received FROM THE REMOTE COMPUTER is expired or invalid.


Usually you will face this problem while connecting with remote desktop to other server or other machine . This usually occurs when there is a time and date difference between the two computers and the solution to this problem is setting the date and time same on both the computers or the time difference between the two must not be very large .

How to change the MySQL port Number

You can change the Mysql Port number by editing the my.ini file of Mysql . In the my.ini file you will find two entries of port=3306 , change it to the port number you want to set and restart the mysql service .

Error: Unable to update hosting preferences: Unable to reconfigure Web server: websrvmng failed: The specified username is invalid. (Error code 2202) at NetUserAdd()

You will  usually get the error while updating the website from webhosting settings option in plesk or sometimes when giving a website a dedicated application pool from plesk or while running the command websrvmng in order to repair a websites permission . While the developers of plesk are still working on the issue at , I could Find a temporary Fix for the issue .Please follow the below steps

First of all change the Main FTP user for the website to something other than the original username , set the password you wish to set . Then goto Computer Management and from local users and group Right click on the new user name which you have set , and set the same password which you have set . Now you can update the website from the webhosting settings or give the website a dedicated application pool or run the websrvmng command .

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