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Restart www service from command prompt

Hello ,

Sometimes while restarting the IIS service from the command prompt you get an error and the service does not restarts properly . In such case you can restart the services individually .

1) Restart www service

c:\>net stop w3svc

c:\>net start w3svc

2) Restart ftp service

c:\> net stop MSFtpsvc

c:\> net start MSFtpsvc

3) Restart SMTP service

c:\>net stop SMTPSVC

c:\>net start SMTPSVC

Statistics Not updating in plesk 8.6 on a Windows server

Hello ,

Some times you will face a problem that the statistics do not get updated for all your sites on a windows server even after updating the stats manually . In this case either the statistics.exe or WebStatistics.dll gets corrupted . You can find these files at the following path

Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin

In order to solve the issue rename these two statistics.exe or WebStatistics.dll to oldstatistics.exe and oldWebStatistics.dll .

Download and

and copy them in Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin path .

Restart the plesk services .

Additionally you can update the statistics manually for a website through  the command prompt , you need to first change the directory to

Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin through the DOS prompt and execute the following command

statistics.exe –http-web-statistics¬† –

Command to correct the website’s mail permission on windows plesk

Hello ,

You can correct the website’s mail permission on windows plesk server using the command

mchk.exe –domain – .

you need to execute the command from the path D:\parallels\plesk\admin\bin .

Here we are assuming that plesk is installed on D drive .

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