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How to Block MSSQL Port

Hello ,

Can Anyone  help me on how to Block MS SQL port 1433 on a Windows Server .


Prashant J .

How to Configure VPN on Windows 2003 Server.

Goto add hardware wizard through the command hdwwiz.cpl and add microsoft loopback adapter for connection and to provide the internal private IPs which will be assigned to the clients connecting to the VPN . Name the connection as Private . Give Private IP address to the new connection which you have added .

Enable routing and remote access service from the services .Goto Start => administrative tools =>Routing and remote access . Right click on the server hostname and click Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access , you will get a routing and remote access server setup wizard , click next select Virtual Private Network Access and NAT , Click Next and select the private connection which you have created above , check the checkbox , enable security on the selected interface by setting up basic firewall, click next select the network connection that is the IP of your server , click next and in the IP address Assignment option select from a specified range of IP addresses , click next , click new and select the IP address range which you want to assign to the clients who will be connecting to your server say to so it will total out to 25 . Click next and select Use Routing and remote Access to authenticate connection requests , click Finish to complete the routing and remote access wizard . Now you can create the users from computer management,from Local users and groups . The clients will access this VPN server from their local end with this users .

To test the VPN You will now need to create a connection at your local end from the network connection option . Click New connection wizard , click next , select connect to the network at my workplace , click next , select virtual private network connection , type the company name and click next , In the Hostname or IP Address put in the IP address of the VPN server , click next and select for any ones use . Finish the Wizard . You can now use this connection to connect to the VPN server .

How to Check Whether a Windows Server Has Hardware Raid or Not .

On a windows 2003 server , go to My Computer Properties , then the Hardware Tab , Click Device manager , You will see a SCSI and RAID controllers option below the Processors options . If there is no hardware Raid you wont see the SCSI and RAID controllers option .

On a windows 2008 Server , go to My Computer properties , click Device Manager , you will a  Storage Controllers option below the Processors option . Click on the + sign and you can check whether Raid is Present or not .

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