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IIS 8.0 Processing Architecture

  1. When a client browser initiates an HTTP request for a resource on the Web server, HTTP.sys intercepts the request.
  2. HTTP.sys contacts WAS to obtain information from the configuration store.
  3. WAS requests configuration information from the configuration store, applicationHost.config.
  4. The WWW Service receives configuration information, such as application pool and site configuration.
  5. The WWW Service uses the configuration information to configure HTTP.sys.
  6. WAS starts a worker process for the application pool to which the request was made.
  7. The worker process processes the request and returns a response to HTTP.sys.
  8. The client receives a response.




What is the Port Number of Global Catalog

The Port Number of Global Catalog is 3268

Difference Between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012

1) In Windows 2008 IIS Verision is IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5 for R2 and in Windows 2012 IIS 8.0 and 8.5 for R2

2) In Windows 2008 the version of Powershell is 2.0 and In windows 2012 it is 3.0

3) Windows 2012 has Hyper V Version 3.0

4) Iscsi Target was available as a download in Windows 2008 but in windows 2012 it is available bydefault

5) With Windows 2012 Clustered Shared Volume ( CSV) is Officially supported

6) VPN replaced by Directaccess in Windows 2012

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