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How Active Directory Replication Works

Active Directory uses Knowledge Consistency Checker for replication between domain controllers. KCC creates a connection object that represents a replication connection between source domain controller to a destination domain controller.

The KCC creates connection objects automatically. The Connection objects created by KCC is stored under Active Directory Sites and Services in the NTDS settings. KCC creates replication routes by creating one way inbound connection objects that define connetions from other domain controllers.

The KCC is a inbuilt process which runs on all domain controllers and generates replication topology for active directory. It generates different replication topology for both Intrasite and Intersite . In intrasite the connections between writable domain controllers is bidirectional with shortcut connections to reduce latency. In Intersite replication spanning tree topology is used. When you have more than one site you need to configure site links between sites and KCC in each site automatically creates connection.


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