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How to reset the password of IBM TS 3100 Tape Library

If you forget the Admin password of Tape Library you can reset the password using the buttons on the front screen of tape library , Press the Ok button  you will see main menu ==> configure => save/restore => restore password ==> Restore password to defaults => Press Ok

After that you can login with username admin and password secure .

Difference between thin provisioning and thick provisioning

Thin Provisioning and Thick Provisioning are the terms used with storage. Hyper-V Clouds or Vmware clouds use Clustering Technology where assigning Storage is Mandatory.

Now Consider If We assign 1TB Storage Space to a Particular Cluster or a Server , Thin Provisioning will not assign the Entire 1TB Space to the cluster but will assign space on the fly or Dynamically as required by the user which in turn saves the storage space for future use.

Whereas in thick provisioning the Entire 1TB will be assigned to the Server or the cluster

How to Reboot TS 3100 Tape Library from Web Console

login to the Tape library with the IP and Login details

Expand the Service Library Option on the left Side


Click on Reboot , Click OK





Click Reboot


Click OK

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