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URL to Find the Gold rate in Nasik

Please refer the following URL to find out the correct Gold rate in Nasik

Cannot connect to the SCM (Service Control Manager) on client server [5] Access is denied.”

You will get this error while Adding client from HP Data Protector cell Manager .  In order to solve the Issue Execute the  command


1)  C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin>omniinetpasswd.exe -list

It will give you the username associated with the password , Copy the user name

2) Goto Services.msc and find HP dataprotector INET Service  , goto properties , you will find the logon account as Local System , Change the account to the username you have got from above command

3) Execute the following command

C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin>omniinetpasswd.exe -add TEST\dataprotector
Please enter password:**********
Please retype password:**********
User ‘TEST\dataprotector’ was successfully added.

Note : is your domain name of Active Directory

4) Add this useraccount to be used by the installation service

Now you should be able to Add clients through Cell Manager :)


8086 Pin Diagram

Please find below the 8086 Microprocessor pin Diagram

8086 Microprocessor



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