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How to Install IIS on Windows server 2003

To install IIS on windows server ,

Goto start => Control Panel => Double click Add or remove programs => Click Add/Remove Windows Components => check the checkbox application server => click details and select following components

Application Server Console
Enable Network Com+ Access
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Select Internet Information Services (IIS) , click details and select following components

Common Files
FTP Service
FrontPage 2002 Extensions
Internet Information Services Manager
World Wide Web Service

Select World Wide Web Service , Click details and select following components

Active Server Pages
Internet Data Connector
Remote Administration (HTML)
Server Side Includes
World Wide Web Service

Click ok ok ok and next to proceed with the installation , it will ask for the files required from the i386 folder . You can keep a copy of i386 folder on your disk and provide that path or you can use the windows 2003 server installation disk. Thats it you have installed IIS webserver .

How to Block a particular IP from accessing website in IIS 6.0

Open IIS manager , right click on the website which you want to block for a particular IP , click the directory security Tab , In the IP address and domain name restrictions option click edit , click add , in the type select single computer and  add the IP address which you want to block from accessing the website .



Error in File UNKNOWN.RPT: The request could not be submitted for background processing.


You will usually get this error while generating the crystal report in your application or your website . The solution to this problem is that you need to give your website a dedicated application pool and in the  identity tab select Network service as the security account for the application pool . Also you need to give the root folder of the website or the application network service , Read Write and Modify permission .


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