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Command to activate Domain in Plesk on Windows

Goto the Command Promt

Change the Directory to %plesk_bin% and execute the following command

C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin> domain.exe –on

Plesk asks for Username and Password

Open IIS manager click on plesk control Panel Website , Double click Authentication , Edit Anonymous Authentication , Select Application pool identity option instead of specific user .




Unable to load object of type IPAddress with id=1

You will get the above error while adding a domain , subdomain or subscription from the plesk control panel .  In order to solve the issu Connect to the psa database with port 8306 .

Edit the table  ip_pool , under the Column "ip_address_id" you will find a value 1 .Delete all the entries with value 1 .

Now you can add the domains, subdomains and subscriptions from the plesk control panel .



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