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MySQL Process is in Sleep State

The MySQL Process is in Sleep State When

  1. A PHP script connects to MySQL
  2. Some queries are executed
  3. The PHP script does some stuff that takes time : without disconnecting from the DB
  4. Finally, the PHP script ends which means it disconnects from the MySQL server
  5. There are more and more requests coming to Apache which means many pages to generate
  6. Each PHP script, in order to generate a page, connects to the DB and does some queries
  7. These queries take more and more time, as the load on the DB server increases, Which means more processes keep stacking up

Cannot Load Mysqli Extension PhpMyadmin Error in Wamp Apache

You will get the above error even after you have enabled Mysqli Extension from the php.ini file . In order to fix the issue change the following value in php.ini

mysql.default_host =


mysql.default_host =localhost



MySQL Query to delete Multiple Pending Posts in WordPress

DELETE FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_status` LIKE ‘pending';

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