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In What form does Data travel Over Wired Networks

Computer understands binary format that is 0’s and 1’s . When the data travels over the wired networks i.e. copper wires  it is in the form of electrical signals . The Network Interface  Card of the computer converts these electrical signals into Binary format understandable to the operating system and applications on the computer or the Servers .


What is RPO and RTO

RPO is Recovery Point Objective . It is a measure in time how much data loss can be acceptable in Disaster Recovery . Imagine a scenario that the main DC site fails so that the services start running from the Disaster recovery . Now when the services start running from the Disaster recovery site how much data was copied on the DR site before the main Site failed . Was all the data copied . This is measured in time and called as RPO .

RTO is Recovery Time Objective . It the maximum time period that the Main site in the Disaster recovery can be down after a failure or a Disaster occurs .

Command to check the HP Router or Switch Configuration

Router#display current-configuration

SW#display current-configuration

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