How to Check if Dotnet 4.6.2 is Installed on the Server

Open the registry editor using the command regedit . Go to the path Hkey_local_machine\software\Microsoft\Net Framework Setup\NDP\V4\Full and check the release parameter . The reg_dword value should be 394806


Path Of IIS Log Files

You will find the IIS log files at two different paths

1) C:\inetpub\logs\Logfiles

There would be the following folders Failedreqlogfiles , Logfiles and wmsvc under the Logs folder . Under the Logfiles folder you will have a W3svc2 folder and then files in the following format u_ex180723 inside which you will find the logs .

2) C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles

Below Logfiles you will find the following folders

HTTPERR -httperr1 , httperr2 , httperr3 , httperr4


Backup with PowerShell in Windows 2012


1 Open an elevated PowerShell window. (You must be a member of either the Administrators or Backup Operators group to perform these steps.)

2 Configure your script execution policy to allow untrusted scripts by typing the following and choosing Yes when prompted:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

3 Now input the following PowerShell script while making sure to change the values for New-WBBackupTarget and Get-WBVirtualMachine to something that’s relevant to your own environment:

# Create a New Backup Policy

$BackupPolicy = New-WBPolicy

# Specify a Target

$BackupTarget = New-WBBackupTarget -VolumePath F:

# Add the target to your policy

Add-WBBackupTarget -Policy $BackupPolicy -Target $BackupTarget

# Specify your virtual machine name

$VMs = Get-WBVirtualMachine | where vmname -like “ws2012r2*”

Add-WBVirtualMachine -Policy $BackupPolicy -VirtualMachine $VMs

# Configure the schedule

$BackupTime = [datetime] “23:00”

Set-WBSchedule -Policy $BackupPolicy -Schedule $BackupTime

# Activate the policy

Set-WBPolicy -Policy $BackupPolicy -AllowDeleteOldBackups

4 Once the script runs, your backup policy will be confi gured to run at the scheduled time, and you can view the job from inside the Windows Server Backup console.


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